Greetings from Marion le Red KMOAS,

Competitions help show off the skills of the artisan but also give artisans motivation to create.

I am announcing a kingdom A&S competition to create Plague Mask. This competition will have 2 prizes one for populace choice and one for best documentation. Plague mask can be modern or period or periodiod or period inspired, Show us your masks.

For this competition a submission sheet has been added to the Virtual Atlantia site Under the Virtual Atlantia A&S table. Submissions are due by May 8th at 12 noon eastern. May 10th we will start the populace choice voting website/form, we close the voting on May 15th and announce the winners after that.

For a submission to be complete the form must be filled out completely with at least one photo uploaded but no more than 5 files uploaded. One file can be documentation. Documentation is not needed if you just want to enter populace choice, it is OK to say this is a completely modern mask as well but we want a photo. The limitation is that to use the form you must have a gmail/google account, sorry it is need for the file uploads. The person uploading the file does not have to be the person entering the competitions so the email address of the entrant can be different than the one filling out the form and uploading the files. I will be forming at team to read and judge documentation, please contact me if you want be part of the judging team.

Submit Your Entry Here

I hope that there will be many who would like to take this same opportunity, and enter the Scrivener Royal competition. For that reason, I want to put out a call for all artisans of Atlantia who are interested in this position to create and enter one or more (max. 3) scrolls that they feel are best representations of their skills in both calligraphy and illumination. At least minimal documentation (noting the tools, materials, inspiration, etc.) is recommended.

All Entries need to be submitted to these entries need to have no more than 5 total files, these files must include at least one picture of a scroll and documentation. Please include one file that is just a photo of a scroll. All submissions are due by May 19th so that the new scrivener can be announce by there majesties on memorial day weekend.

Duties of the incoming Scrivener Royal (as listed in the Atlantian Law, but final call rests with Their Majesties) are:

The Scrivener Royal is expected to encourage all scribal arts in Atlantia. They should also seek to serve the Crown in all ways possible regarding their art. The Scrivener Royal should sponsor two competitions during their tenure within Atlantia. They should work with Branch A&S Officers to encourage others to explore the scribal arts. Last, they should teach others in venues as appropriate and reasonable. "In addition to these responsibilities, the Scrivener Royal must also oversee the selection of their successor at the following the following Coronation. This is the only Kingdom Notable that is selected twice a year."

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Their Royal Majesties are pleased to announce the competition to choose the next Poeta Atlantiae! If you would like to be considered for the honor of serving as Atlantia's court poet for the next year, please read on:

Poetry is more than just clever word-play - it moves something inside of us, causing even long-dormant emotions to stir to life. Your task in this competition is simple: cause us to feel the breadth and depth of human emotion.

Poets must enter two poems (text, documentation, and video), that meet the following criteria:

Comedy: One poem must evoke joy, levity, or mirth. It need not be humorous, although it certainly could be. But it must explore the highs of human emotion.

Tragedy: One poem must evoke sadness, anger, or grief. It must explore the lows of human emotion.

Both poems must be written in forms that existed prior to 1600 CE.

Documentation is required, but need not be terribly long. At a minimum, your documentation should identify the forms used in your poetry. If your documentation will exceed 4 pages, please provide the main points up front in bullet-point form, noting on which page judges can find details for each point. You may find it helpful to look at this EZDoc form (

Their Royal Majesties are interested in viewing and featuring poems read aloud, so please also submit video of yourself reading your poems out loud in garb.

Special consideration will be given to the emotional impact of the pieces. The next Poeta Atlantiae, will be chosen by Their Majesties, or their representatives, with the advice of the judges. Judges will use this judging sheet

    HE Karin Taylor de Cameron
  • Dark spring
    Clouded skies full of dark, stars, and death.
    My mind wanders as the moon keeps track of the tides.
    Cold nights are full of darkness, the clouds part to let the moon seep through.
    Later the moon falls into her blissful waning of slumber. The flowers sleep as well.
    Time passes the night falls to the embers of the dawn. Morning crests early, the ethereal time when sun and moon are in meeting of faces.
    The moon sleeps now the sun rises bursting the sky with radiant colors of fire red and purple, waking the beasts along with the flora.
    Flowers wake and shake off the wetness of the nights draped dew.
    Flower petals begin to unfurl to greet the sun as it rises above the veil of land beams caress the land with warmth and light. Brightness covers the land making the flowers rise and beam with light. Every flowers color is touched by the sun. Orange poppies rise to face the light, and warmth. Vibrant and bold the sun reaches the fullness of the land gracing it with gold and light. Though death and decay are present in our world, light and life are too present. Think of light through the darkness.
  • Rainbow threads
    Sun has just risen the air is fresh and dew laden.
    Fresh drops shine with the new day.
    Glancing I see spider web strands glittering with rainbow colors. Each color as vibrant as the next. The chill in the air let's warm vapors escape as I breathe out the morning air.
    I didn't want to watch the news, I wanted to watch the morning and it's glorious showing of rainbow threads.

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