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Inspired by the Kingdom of Meridies and Countess Gwen na Preachain (aka Gwendolen Stewart) Virtual Atlantia presents to you "A Historic Challenge: Funeral Effigies and Burials".

As the we move closer and closer to fall, Virtual Atlantia can't help but think of Halloween. We invite you to join us in a Halloween inspired competition. This contest is for every single person in the SCA no matter your preferred activity within the organization is. We highly encourage everyone to participate, we are so excited to see your creativity.

For this challenge you will be recreating a persona (SCA period) appropriate funeral effigy or burial. What would your persona have been buried with? What would they have looked like? Where would they have laid in eternal slumber? Want to get in the spirit of Halloween? Want to be a little spooky? What if your persona died on the field of battle? What if they were poisoned? Be creative! Decorate your space, use lighting, wear your persona's garments and show us the peaceful or maybe even macabre end to your personas end.

    How to enter:
  1. Complete the following google form.
  2. Send at least a photo of your creation to be considered.

Additionally we are happy to see the following:
Documentation concerning your creation to be considered for "most period" A story of your persona's demise. Give us your best Halloween inspired ending! Video with you explaining your creation and what you included it Note: It does not have to be your actual persona.

Contest ends: November 5th Results will be announced as judging is completed! Once the entry period is over we will post the entries on Virtual Atlantia and announce the winners.

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